Mystery Shopping

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The function of mystery shopping is to obtain information that it can not be achieved by any other means. It is an excellent method of identifying training needs and also confirming that learning has been adopted following a training event.

Mystery shopping is conducted to the specific criteria and measurements determined by your organisation. It is possible to identify both deficiencies in performance and quality behaviours in the real environment, the workplace.

The scope of the shopping activities include:

  • Customer perspective on the sales environment
  • Customer perspective on the sales process
  • Customer perspective on Call Centre Operations
  • Sales effectiveness and maximising sales opportunities
  • Observing staff attitudes
  • Monitoring regulatory requirements such as industry codes of practice

All our shoppers are individually selected to appear as average shoppers for the particular environment. Where appropriate, customers are professionally qualified in the subject area. They are then coached in the specific requirements of the task and understand the assessment standards and performance measures.

The Process

Role Play - Mystery Shopping
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