Role Play

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The recreation of a situation through a simulated interaction.

In a training context Role Play can be used at all stages of the process.

Role Play


As a means of identifying gaps in skill and knowledge, so as to ensure that any training is effective by meeting the needs of individuals.

During the training event:

  • As a means of demonstration to show new skills
  • As a means of practice to learn and embed skills
  • As a method of assessment to confirm understanding and learning


Post event to ensure skills are maintained in the workplace

There are three levels of role play:

Please select an area of interest:

Role Play

To ensure effective role plays:

  • We can support your organisation through the complete process.
  • We understand that every organisation is different.
  • We are sensitive to your needs, tailoring our approach to meet your organisations training and development goals.
  • We are always happy to offer advice and to assist in developing ideas with you.
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