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High Road Training Ltd

A number of courses that have been created as one or two day programmes.

The programmes can be delivered by our trainers or alternatively made available for delivery by your own training team.

The courses include detailed training notes, handouts and delegate notes.

Courses available are:

Management Skills:

Customer Care Skills:

Sales Skills:


How to interpret an individual's communication so as to respond in the most effective manner, in order to maximise the productivity of the working relationship.

Managing Conflict

Builds on understanding communication so that it is possible to interpret when an individual is exhibiting stressful behaviour and then to employ strategies in order to manage relieve and resolve the situation.

Presenting / Public Speaking

For individuals who will be making presentations or speeches. The course covers how to plan and structure a presentation, taking control of the environment, confident delivery and managing audience reaction. It is a practical event with delivery and critique.


Develop coaching skills, from effective observation and information gathering through to presenting feedback in an positive and constructive manner.


Identify needs for counselling and assist with solution strategies, whilst appreciating limitations and recognising when to involve professional guidance.

Managing Change

Understanding the impact of change on an organisation, together with strategies to minimise the negative issues in order to manage a smooth transition.


Exploring the nature of motivation, identifying key human motivators and obtaining and maintaining maximum performance in team members.

Complaint Handling

Recognising customer complaints, understanding the real impact on the business and identifying strategies for turning the complaining customer into a satisfied client.

Inbound Telephone Skills

Dissecting the telephone call into key sections and applying current strategies to ensure a successful and effective dialog is achieved with the customer.

Outbound Telephone Skills

Linking the key elements of the telephone call to strategies designed to encourage the client to engage in a conversation and meet call objectives.

Understanding Customers

How to interpret a customer's communication so as to respond in the most effective manner, in order to maximise the opportunity for a sale. Talking in the language and style the customer understands.

Effective Questioning

Exploring questioning strategies and styles in order to identify customer needs and wants so that the sale is tailored to the customer's requirements.

Converting Features Into Benefits

Recognise the advantages of and strategies to implement the use of benefit statements into the sale.

Overcoming Objections

Analysing the types of objection and executing model responses for overcoming customer concerns in order to get the sale.

Closing The Sale

Identifying and practicing strategies to close the sale, recognising and acting on customer buying signals.

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