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High Road Training Ltd

High Road Training identifies, designs and delivers training solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of companies.

We have an established reputation since 1997 as a supplier of training services. Our skills have been honed primarily in the financial services industry where the demands for skill performance and latterly regulatory rigor are paramount.

We have assisted many national and international organizations in their quest for customer service, management and sales skills.

Our corporate goal is to deliver quality products and service that will make a positive difference to the buyer, the employees and the company.

Let us eliminate your training risks by working closely and providing proven material re-engineered to meet your company needs and style.

Companies benefiting from the services of High Road Training Ltd include:

Barclays Bank
Bradford & Bingley
Britannic Assurance
Charles Schwab Europe
Chelsea Building Society
Homeloan Management Ltd
HSBC Myrrill Lynch
On Digital
Pearl Bank
Prudential Bank
Royal Londay Assurance Company
Royal & Sun Alliance
Skipton Building Society
Standard Life
Yorkshire Electricity

High Road Training Ltd, 31 Marton Road, Gargrave, North Yorkshire, BD23 3NN

Tel: 07900492629  |  email: info@highroadtraining.co.uk
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